INTO coaching is a Finnish company that provides expert services for mental well-being and coaching. We work in the sports and working life sectors throughout Finland.

This is INTO

Mental coaching

Challenge your mind, reach your goals. Mental coaching strengthens the individual's self-knowledge, enhances team well-being and provides effective leadership tools.

Licenced professionals

Our experts are certified professionals in social services, health care, education and the sports industry. We have many years’ experience in working with children, adolescents and adults.

Flexible ways of working

Our mental coaches work wherever you and your team work. Mental coaching is always designed on a case-by-case basis in cooperation with the clients.




Mental coaching strengthens an athlete’s or team’s well-being and supports mental skills best when it is designed to be a natural and regular recurring part of training.

We specialize in designing and delivering long-term, seasonal mental coaching for individuals and teams of all ages and levels.



Mental coaching for workplaces provides the best support for supervisors and the work community when it is designed as a natural and regular recurring part of the workplace.

We work with teams and organizations in order to develop well-being and skills at work using effective methods of mental coaching.

What is mental coaching?

Mental coaching is a cooperation that aims to strengthen your mental skills, well-being and skills.

Mental coaching can take many forms: as a natural and regular part of the team or work community , as awakening thoughts through a single lesson or as strengthening individual skills in individual coaching.

A person develops through life and mental coaching works best as a long-term travel companion in different situations of life.


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